Create Your Meditation Space!


Find your Special Place

Which room or area makes you feel good? A quiet spot with natural light, morning sun or sunset. Take it outdoors to your deck, patio or yard.

Keep it Simple

No need to set-up in an office with distractions and clutter. Keep the room sparse, decorate with a few basics, small table, mat, throw rug, pillow or pillow chair.

Add Nature

Since you are connecting your mind and body with nature and your surroundings, add a plant like jasmine, cut flowers, a small waterfall fountain, bowl of sand with shells.

Meditative Music with no Lyrics

Will help to drown outside sounds to create a tranquil and peaceful state. Nature sounds work - make sure the track is long enough for your meditation (put on repeat).


Use aromatherapy essential oils to soothe the soul, body and mind. Candles, incense, heated oils for health benefits, stress reduction and relief from muscle pain.

Make it Yours

Add things like bells, chimes, crystals, a Buddha statue, affirmation stones and artwork. But don’t overcrowd and change them out until you feel you have the right combo.

Air Circulation

If your room is not well-ventilated bring in a standing fan/air purifier with quiet technology.

Room Color

Pastel wall color tends to be more relaxing or choose dark womb-like colors to help you feel serene.

Let there be Light

Use lighting with dimmers, use an umbrella or curtains for shade if it’s too bright.

Put down the Phone

No tech allowed, no video games, TV, turn your ringer off and leave the phone outside the area. Disconnect.


Build a small pergola, add a carpet, pillows, candelabra or small string lights. Keep it dry.

This room may double as your Yoga or exercise room/space. It’s for you time, to find your equilibrium in a space of your own!

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