6 Fix-it Hacks That Will Amaze You!


We all know a few household hacks that save us time and money when getting a small repair job done. Here are our top 6!

1. Instead of marring the wall when you pull out a nail with a claw hammer. Put a sponge on the wall under the nail to rest the hammer on. No mark!

2. Drilling a hole in the wall? Fold a post it note about 1/3 of the way from the sticky end on the right side, and stick the note to the wall, making a shelf to catch the shavings.

3. Trying to turn a nut with a wrench that's too large...use a stack of coins of different sizes until you have a snug fit between the wrench and the nut.

4. Need an eyeglass screwdriver in a hurry? Take a paper clip and give the end of a paper clip a hard whack with a hammer (on the floor), to make a temporary screwdriver....the end should be thin enough to tighten your glasses.

5. Having trouble hanging art with wire on the back on a nail? Place a fork, tongs down and facing out, over the nail. Slide your wire over the back until it sits behind the fork. Pull out the fork and your art is hanging securely.

6. Just removed a nail from the wall but don't want to putty the spot? Use white or colored chalk to fill the hole!

Stay in the moment and make it simple...right?

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