Blending The Inside And Outside Of A Home Can Be A Dramatic Way To Add Value, But Here's What You Should Know

We spend dollars and effort making sure the interior of our homes are filled with beautiful design ideas and likewise, we carefully landscape our exterior. The trend is to blend living spaces connecting the indoor with the outdoor. Make a large slider from your kitchen to a backyard patio or use a pergola to extend the outdoor space adding stylish furniture and accessories.

You can vary the cost of fusing the indoor with the outdoor by installing a simple swing bench on a patio, spending more for an outdoor kitchen and even more to add deck extensions, an out building or an outdoor roof.

Your Realtor may note the potential in your space to make a 1500SF home live more like a 2000SF home, turning a patio or large backyard into a mini oasis. Think about your area's weather pattern and how much time you or your buyer may actually spend in the yard and make sure your return on investment (ROI) is commensurate with your plan.

Weather Is A Factor

If your yard or deck is in a overly sunny location, consider that cushions and furniture may be bleached by the sun, so choosing furniture and accessories that perform well in sun, snow, hail or any kind of extreme weather. This can be a more expensive option than popular big box store patio set's but may be worthwhile if you are not investing in a roof or pergola cover for the space.

Country To City Choices

The design for your fusion space will be different depending if you have less square footage in an urban space or live in a rural area with lots of room to play and entertain.

In an Urban area, playing up a balcony as a focal point is important to hopefully frame a view. Use chic furniture, hanging lights, a mini bonfire pit (if allowed) and carefully placed potted plants or hanging boxes to warm up concrete and steel.

When you are in a suburban or rural area you can take advantage of extra outdoor space by installing a pergola or pagoda as an entertainment focal spot or even a hardwood deck with a bar and grilling area. Installing an oversized glass door that folds, or slides in the the wall is a dramatic way to connect a living room to a deck, pool or full outdoor kitchen.

Make It Worthwhile

Carefully evaluate you financial investment in creating an indoor-outdoor living plan to make sure you will receive an appropriate return on investment to justify the amount of usage.

If you are in a dry, sunny climate, a homeowner may consider bigger projects like an outdoor kitchen or building a new deck. If not outdoors as much, perhaps new outdoor furniture will be more appropriate. Careful planning will help the process go smoother.

What do you want your blended living space to accomplish? Make sure to determine a budget and research designers and builders who will be able to execute your vision and/or advise on the best plan for your area, neighborhood and climate. Query your Realtor for what buyers are looking for in your neighborhood to achieve the indoor outdoor lifestyle in your home that will bring you the best return for your investment.

For 35+ years, Patty Rogers, Broker Associate, BRE#00669968 at Abio Properties, has been previewing and matching stylish homes to satisfied Bay Area homebuyers and breaking sales records with her listings. She is known for finding and selling unique homes with a "Modicum of Charm" and is a shrewd negotiator who understands how to successfully orchestrate deals.