What does owning a home mean to you?

Is it true that home is where the heart is? Different generations have different opinions about what home means to them. During the 50's we couldn't wait to get out of the kitchen and America began to dine-out. Surprisingly, according to the California Association of Realtors, Millennial's are dining-in, at home. Universally we all feel, no matter our age, that owning a home gives us a sense of accomplishment and is a sign of success.

Let us know what owning a home means to you! We want to know!!


For 35+ years, Patty Rogers has been previewing and matching stylish homes to satisfied Bay area homebuyers and breaking sales records with her listings. She is known for finding and selling unique homes with a "Modicum of Charm" and is a shrewd negotiator who understands how to successfully orchestrate deals.