Quick DIY Home Projects for the Weekend

There are plenty of small DIY projects you can handle in your own home with a few dollars, repurposing materials, a trip to your local home improvement store and a little sweat equity to save a few bucks and make an impact in your home. Here are a few of our favorites.

Front Entry Etagere

You may not have built-in shelving, or an entry table at the front door to welcome your guests. Try choosing a small-scale table with a shelf and draws to hold your purse, keys and scarves. Add baskets to the bottom. Re-paint the furniture to match your homes color scheme. Add a shelf with mirror and hooks for keys or an outstanding more decorative mirror to the wall. Decorate your table with fresh flowers or trays to act as a catchall.

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Light Up your Kitchen

Change out your kitchen lighting for a decorating boost and ambiance upgrade. Head to your local big box store for affordable prices and a large selection. Good taste doesn't have to cost a lot. Choose lighting that matches the colors or metals in your home, turn off the power from the fuse box to the fixture, take down the old fixture, connect the new lighting and feel accomplished.

Paint or Wallpaper One Wall

You will be surprised how color, pattern and texture can add drama to your home. You don't have to paint or wallpaper an entire room to make an impact. Choose one wall as a feature wall instead. Think about adding self adhesive/self-positioning wall paper, which can be removed for a different design or to restore the wall to it's original condition. Self-adhesive, non-permanent wall paper is popular and comes in an array of patterns to make a big or small statement. If you choose to paint the wall, choose a color that co-ordinates or contrasts with the other walls. Remember to use eggshell primer so the color remains true to your chosen color swatch or primer the wall and then do your test patches to make sure the color is true.

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