8 Ways to Know When it's Time to Move From an Apartment to a House

Been dreaming about more space or what it would be like to own a house? Maybe you've outgrown your home, want a bigger space for you and your partner or pets? You may be ready to have a backyard to entertain and plant a garden. Here are 8 reasons why you are probably more ready than you think.


You just can't help but scroll through listings for homes on Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com or Redfin to check out the pricing and the neighborhoods and get the lay of the land. This is good - it's a great way to gear yourself toward the right neighborhood before you seek out a real estate agent to give you info in real time.


You like your apartment or condo neighbors but personal space has been on your mind? It's nice to know that when you purchase a home it can be as close or as far away from neighbors as you choose. No more late night party calls! 


Most people believe that renting an apartment is cheaper than buying a home. Do the math. How much have you spent on rent over the years? Rent is paid to maintain a lifestyle, yet there is no benefit. Owning a home is an asset and when you make mortgage payments, you are investing in your ownership in that property, in which to build memories, improve, upgrade, re-sell or retire in!


Homeowner's receive tax breaks. If your home loan is under $ million, the interest that you pay on your loan is tax deductible. Another strategy is to take a tax deduction by purchasing mortgage discount points to buy down your interest rate. The fee you pay for the discount points purchase is tax deductible.


Ready to make your home match your personality? Condo's and apartments limit you on the kinds of upgrades and renovations you can make. Wouldn't it be great to have a home office instead of a home alcove? Imagine being able to change the homes footprint or layout to make the most of the space?


A place to run wild for your kids or your dogs. Apartment dwelling can be limiting for kids and pets, especially as families expand and grow. Think of entertaining outdoors, barbecues, or just relaxing and reading in the sun or shade. Maybe you're a garden lover and can't wait to dig in and create your own backyard oasis. That home with white picket or privacy fence awaits.



Entering the real estate market as a homeowner gives you options which in turn builds wealth by making payments which will grow your equity in that property. Equity can be used to buy another house, renovate and is used in retirement planning. Equity provides you with financial benefits and options.


Sure, owning a home is part of the American dream but owning a home makes it a place to call your own. The security of owning a home means you have an eye on the future for you and your family.

If you see yourself in any of the 8 ways above, then you are already on your way to home ownership. You've seriously been considering it. It's time to get in touch with me to learn about gaining loan pre-approval and to view the on and off-market homes in the East Bay. One of them could be your dream home. With guidance and my great network, it will be easier than you think.

For 35+ years, Patty Rogers has been previewing and matching stylish homes to satisfied Bay area homebuyers and breaking sales records with her listings. She is known for finding and selling unique homes with a "Modicum of Charm". For next level real estate representation, connect with Patty for your home listing or purchase.

Patty Rogers, Broker Associate, BRE#00669968

Patty Rogers, Broker Associate, BRE#00669968

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