Tech 2018! Where are we headed?


Technology has kept us on our toes in 2017 with the Equifax hack and Amazon’s purchase of whole foods. Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple continue to rule the internet and our purchases.

Tesla, Chevy and Nissan will all be releasing affordable electric cars, with hybrids already affordable...both around $35,000k.

Facebook suffered false news scandalous and has re-branded encouraging old school social interaction and pushing of you can now snooze someone for 30 days instead of un-following them.

Amazon video makes buyers have to be Prime members, and according to Amazon, gives them a reason to buy more. As the 2nd largest private employer behind Wal-Mart, they plan to have more than 500,000 employees in 2018.

While not easily transacted due to high transaction fees, Bitcoin and other crypto currency remains on the scene. Weathering it’s ups and downs are another thing, if you choose to invest.

Apple’s iPhoneX brought us the biggest screen, a new interface and face recognition. 

Artificial Intelligence is alive in Alexa and Siri and are speeding up with new developer tools for app developers and smartphones. 

Security is sacred. TV’s, toys and other smart appliances continue to gather data to learn our patterns and market to us. Watch out for phishing emails and for goodness sake, don’t click any links in email, texts, chats or Facebook messages. They are crafty, so be extra diligent. 

What have you noticed about escalating technology? What are you looking forward to, and not so excited about for 2018?

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