10 De-Stressors for Busy Lives!


Have you been meaning to read that book on the bedside table, but you get through the first paragraph and fall asleep? We lead busy lives with so much stimulation from our current work-driven culture, plus dealing with kids, family, friends and let's not forget our virtual friends on the  internet. Lots of reasons to have, and cause stress.

Here are 10 easy De-Stressors that will help to improve the quality of your life and let off a little steam. 


You can do this anywhere. Muscles are tense from so much adrenaline and activity. Try tensing individual muscles from toe to head for 5+ seconds and then relax it for 30 seconds, traveling through the muscle groups to the top of your head. This changes the bodies state.

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Everyone knows about logging-off, but few of us do it. The American Psychologic Association's 2017 Stress in America Report, found that people who check social media, text and email frequently have higher levels of stress. While the Pew Research Center found a negative regarding a vulnerability for added stress for women who check Facebook frequently, due to "lousy stuff" happening to friends. Take a time or 2 during the day that you would normally check social media and text and set a time limit, or eliminate a few check-in's a day all together.


Create a system for accomplishing your tasks. It makes you feel less scattered between remembering what has to be done. Instead of notes on envelopes, make one list in one place. Ex. on iPhone NOTES. Even if it's everyday. Then your tasks are outlined and you can get to them with a sense of accomplishment instead of a worried approach. This helps that overwhelmed feeling.



Speaking of that "To-Do" list. The world won't fall apart of you don't de-clutter something in your home! What's the worst that can happen? Isn't meeting a friend, or one-on-one play time more important and worthwhile. Let some tasks go. They'll get done eventually. The goal is not perfection, rather re-gaining your equilibrium.


Where is your happy place in your home? Find a spot that you love to sit...in a guest bedroom, window seat, or man cave and make this your go-to-retreat for personal time out's in your home!


Have you been in that situation of trying to figure out what to do? Making a list of things that you enjoy doing helps you determine what to do when free time arrives. The list of activities, events, restaurants, parks, hikes, entertainment, culture...things that you truly enjoy means no added pressure of coming up with "that perfect thing". If you don't like one item on your list when free-time pops up, move on to the next.

Photo Credit  East Bay Regional Park District

Photo Credit East Bay Regional Park District


Here's an easy walking meditation that brings you back to the moment and helps calm your thoughts. Wherever you are, as you walk; note what you hear, what you see, the temperature and breeze with a soft gaze. Breathe calmly and take it in. If you can make your stroll in nature, all the better. Being in nature is more likely to decrease rumination than in being in an urban area, according to a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Instead of binge watching the latest series, try painting pottery, knitting class, paint nite, adult coloring books and be a kid. Learn something new and have your completed artwork as a lovely footnote!

Photo Credit     Lake Merritt | Visit California

Photo Credit Lake Merritt | Visit California


To work, back home, to the grocery, to the dog park. We can get stuck in our routines. Discovery is captivating and fun! Try a new hiking trail (alltrails.com), visit a town you haven't been to, find a new park, head for the seaside or lake. Bringing the explorer out in you provides a sense of wonder and the freedom to wander.


When you commit to an event or activity with someone else, you're more likely to do it! Plan to go to the theatre, meet for coffee, have that lunch, see that show, join that book club. Now there's no choice but to relax and enjoy yourself. 

The great thing about these de-stressors are that they are free. Small adjustments to your life can alter your state of mind so that approaching your busy life becomes more manageable and you gain equilibrium which helps make life more enjoyable!

Excerpts for this post from Health Magazine July/August 2017, "Get Ready to Relax" by Ellen Seidman.

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