Laundry Room Design Made Easy

Photo Credit  in Graphic

Photo Credit in Graphic

The Laundry room is meant to house your washer and dryer, a folding table and storage for laundry supplies. Let's face it, it get's used for many other purposes like wrapping gifts, for a mudroom, sometimes a home office and a place to feed your pets. 

Designing your laundry room can make this space both functional and pleasant depending on how you manage storage solutions. Here are a few ideas that highlight the many uses of a laundry room in various locations in your home.



You have space to turn around once your washer and dryer is in place to create a good work flow. Pullout hampers and drying racks save a lot of space and keep it tidy. Install one large to 3 smaller pull-out hampers for darks, whites, delicates, which will help to keep the room looking neat and uncluttered. A laundry sink should be placed under a window to make the most of the space. Under counter lighting illuminates your folding station for late night folding. Open shelves with basket inserts allow you to monitor what goes in them, perhaps pet supplies, rain boots and other items that need to be easily accessible.


Take a deep hallway or under the stairs closet and convert it into a laundry space. Design elements help bring a smaller space alive, like using tile with textile designs to create a wallpaper look on the largest wall.  Pull out recycling-style bins for sorting are a must. Use a metal or stainless shelf for folding and metal rack to hang clothing or store supplies. Make sure to measure the space and purchase your appliances to fit. 


You have a large room at the rear of your home or in your basement to devote to laundry, family workshop, sports gear storage and pet feeding. Enjoy your creative license in this room since every member of your family will visit it. How about a chalkboard message center. Take advantage of windows and light, adding stained glass on a pane above a door. Install a terra cotta or tile floor. Install custom cabinetry with creative hardware. There's room for an oversized sink and perhaps even a pet bathing/shower in one corner.


You have a room you all ready use as a "do-all/catch-all" room. Install an island with drawers and shelves with an opening for desk space or a laundry cart. Make a desk height counter top for workspace. Don't forget a deep sewing counter and place for a TV and pet feeding station.

Take advantage of natural light in your laundry room and if you don't have it, make sure to keep surfaces and wall finishes light and bright and use an interesting light fixture. Think about the type of sink that will be most functional for your family; farm style, apron front with a single handle facet, traditional laundry sink with legs? Counter tops can be caesar stone, stainless, wood and granite. 

For cost savings purchase and self-install metal shelving and cabinetry from Ikea. Many catalogue retailers and even Home Depot or Lowes Home Centers sell storage solutions to create an ideal floor plan as an alternative to going the designer/architect route. Head to a discount retailer like Ross Stores or TJ Maxx to look for laundry-centric decorations to complete your look.

We spend so much time managing our families laundry and other needs, it's a great idea to repurpose your space to be both enjoyable and attractive. Laundry can be fun! Really?

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