Commuting from the East Bay - Lots of Options!

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How long does it take to commute to San Francisco from the East Bay? Is it painful and how much does it cost? With so many moving to the East Bay from San Francisco while continuing to work there, it's a tremendous consideration.

Here's what we know about how to get across the bay in time for work.


BART: From the North Berkeley Bart station to Montgomery it's a 30 minute ride and $4 each way.

DRIVE: It's also around 1/2 hour to 45 minutes, depending upon how close you live to the freeway. The on ramps of  80/I-580 and 880 FWY's all converge at the Bay Bridge which makes it crowded on the way to the toll and at the SF side exits. The current toll is $6. You can get a Fas Trak® electronic toll to make use of the express lanes and access your transpo costs online. Some commuters share their ride, using the carpool lane to take advantage of the HOV lane and split the toll costs.


AC Transit: The transbay AC transit lines give you 3 ways to plan your trip, using Bing and Google maps, plus to see nearby routes and services. AC transit is a great way to travel and see the sights depending upon your time constraints. It takes a little longer depending upon where you live.


CarPool & VanPool: There are pick-up points for a "casual carpool option", where willing drivers will meet at a designated spot to share their commute. Check out 511 Rideshare If your group is larger, you can opt for Van Pool. You will also find park & Ride lots on this site and App. They had a Ride Matching Service. 



San Francisco Ferry: Select the terminal you want to depart from Harbor Bay, Alameda Main Street, Oakland Jack London Square and depart at the SF Ferry Building, SF Pier 41, or AT&T Park in San Francisco. Some of the routes run year round with weekday and weekend service while AT&T Park is seasonal. Taking typically 55 minutes, you can enjoy the majestic views and hop in an Uber to make it from the Port to your destination.

Your length of commute depends upon the time of day, traffic patterns, public transit delays and so forth, however it is easy to see that you can arrive to your San Francisco destination in around an hour give or take. Living the East Bay lifestyle is well worth a commute and we are fortunate to have such a well-oiled mass transit system to accommodate the ebb and flow of East Bay commuters.

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