Put Patty’s experience to work for you

Patty’s experience, knowledge and enthusiasm paired with a laser focus to help buyers and sellers continues to earn Patty the trust of her clients and respect of her peers. Whether buying or selling, a real estate deal is one of the largest single investments you make. So it’s vital to enlist a trusted advocate who has your back. Equipped with decades of experience and extensive insight into the Bay Area real estate market, Patty is your ultimate partner.

35+ years delivering successful results

A house isn’t a home until you make it one. As simple as it sounds, this core belief has been the bedrock of Patty’s business since day one. With over thirty-five years in the industry, she understands that buying or selling a house can be an emotional journey and the concept of “home” is different for everyone.

A mindful agent who takes an against-the-grain approach, Patty’s goal in every transaction is to ensure absolute satisfaction. Innately tuned in to her client’s needs, she’s a pro at listening earnestly, crystalizing a client’s objectives, and guiding the process with a deft touch.

Imbued with unmatched experience and extensive market knowledge, Patty it the ultimate neighborhood encyclopedia. An authority on San Francisco, the East Bay, Marin and beyond, she’s quick to pinpoint the best neighborhood, best property, and best value for your money.

1000+ homes bought and sold

A big picture thinker with a knack for maximizing a home’s potential, Patty is equally adept at assessing a property’s value and resale potential. Operating with a contagious energy all her own, she’s a shrewd negotiator who excels in multiple offer scenarios. At the end of the day, there’s nothing Patty loves more than helping client’s dreams come true. It’s apparent in every transition she thoughtfully orchestrates.

In Their Words

“Patty Rogers was the perfect agent for the job.”

Although I’ve owned two homes before, this is the first time I’ve had to shop for a home and doing so in the Bay Area can be an intimidating experience. That’s why for me it was important to find a realtor who knew the area, was on top of market conditions and could guide me on making the right decisions, including the selection of financing before the sales and contractors afterwards.

Patty Rogers was the perfect agent for the job. After meeting her at an open house, I gave Patty some examples of homes that interested us and she put together a comprehensive list of places to view. Patty pointed out the emerging neighborhoods, where values were most likely to increase but may involve extra transportation to work. She also identified listings that were likely to sell for way over the asking price. Insights like these allowed us to narrow down our choices to the relevant properties.

When it came time to put in the offer for our place, she did thorough analysis of the area and arrived at a suggested offering price. After some careful analysis myself, we made our submission, and while our offer was tied with another party, ours was accepted. Thanks to the selection of a respected banker whom Patty had referred me to, all of my “financial ducks” were lined up and we were able to close on the property in 21 days.

If you are looking for an East Bay property, I cannot recommend Patty enough.

Ron R.

“She was there with us every step of the way.”

Patty is phenomenal. As first home buyers her knowledge and expertise of the market was helpful in giving us the lay of the land. She was there with us every step of the way. We love our home and are grateful every day for Patty’s eye for the “modicum of charm!”

Nate F.

“She’s been an integral part of our home buying process.”

My wife and I bumped into Patty at an open house in the East Bay back in September of 2017. Fast forward a few of months and we are now living in a lovely little home in the East Bay… Thank you Patty!!!

We are both extremely thankful that we crossed paths with Patty when we were searching for homes. She’s been an integral part of our home buying process. Patty found us exactly what we were looking for and kept everything on track during purchase process. She was on top of absolutely every little detail, which helped to keep our stress levels at a minimum.

My wife and I were surprised once everything was signed, sealed and delivered. We thought to ourselves… is that it?! Are we really all done?! So quickly and easily. We have Patty to thank for making it so. Not only does she have a wealth of experience as a Realtor, she is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and driven. We really appreciate the time she spent with the two of us, questions she asked and guidance she provided while we were searching for our home. I can’t recommend Patty enough!! When the time comes for us to look for a bigger place… we know who we’ll be working with 🙂

Andrew S.

“A personality that is joy to be around; calm, humorous and sage.”

If you are reading this, you already know the challenges with buying and selling real estate in San Francisco, so I won’t elaborate.

That said, you need a *team* to help you navigate this terrain; a team that includes, lenders, inspectors, escrow firms, insurance providers, contractors and more. It can be a stressful project and as such, you need a project manager!

With Patty you get:

1) Deep experience in all facets of the industry. Experience that can only come with time. Someone that has been around long enough to see ups and downs in the market and can help manage the irrational exuberance that sometimes occurs during both those times.

2) A long, well established list of industry contacts that definitely will help you.

3) A working relationship with most other agents in the city; this can really help.

4) A personality that is joy to be around; calm, humorous and sage.

Even after we closed, her service continued helping us navigate some minor problems that occurred—most agents wouldn’t be that responsive.

As we move forward navigating our new home and should we ever buy or sell again, the first phone calls we would make would be to Patty— yours should be too.

Max L.

“Patty helped us secure a winning bid with a 21 day close.”

My partner and I met Patty during one of our first open house weekends. We visited a hundred or more homes over the course of our six-month search, and I was surprised by how passive the vast majority of agents were. I’d guess fewer than ten percent bothered to ask “Do you have an agent working for you?” Patty was firmly in the 10% group. She followed up immediately and stuck with us through a stop/start process. Patty helped us secure a winning bid with a 21 day close, and yesterday we sealed the deal, right on schedule. If you want to work with action-oriented folks who follow up and follow through, you’ll be happy with Patty.

David F.

“I was blown away by her tenacity and work ethic.”

I recently had the pleasure of working with Patty. She is a force of nature and I was blown away by her tenacity and work ethic. It’s a very tough market out there and she knows exactly what to do and how to get it done. I’d highly recommend her to any future East Bay buyers. She was a pleasure to work with and made my job easier by being on top of her game and extremely professional throughout the process.

Aisling F.

“Patty is such a fabulous realtor! Moreover, she is a wonderful person!”

Patty has been in the real estate business for a long time and it shows; that is, she knows what she is talking about and is the best person to have by your side when searching for a home. She has so much knowledge and insight. It is apparent that she truly loves what she does and wants to find the right home for her clients. She does not hesitate to “tell it like it is” and, when she does; it is in the best interest of her client. She was sincerely a pleasure to work with, and my husband and I cannot say enough great things about her. She found us our dream home and at the right price. She is such a hard worker and clearly passionate about what she does. I would recommend her to any and all of my friends. Thanks, Patty!

Natalie W.

“She was honest about what we could afford and why.”

We had the pleasure of working with Patty to buy a home in Oakland.

We met at an open house, where we ended up talking for a while about our home search, and she followed up. Patty took a lot of time to find out what we liked and didn’t like about homes. From the beginning we told her we weren’t looking to buy right away, and she had no problem sending us listings, going over open houses, and calling to see if we needed more guidance on neighborhoods.

Coming from San Francisco, we weren’t sure what neighborhood was right for us. Since she was previously a realtor in San Francisco, she is really good about comparing areas of San Francisco to the East bay. She guided us to areas she knew we’d like.

When our search got more serious, Patty spent time every week to find exactly the types of homes we were looking for. We went to open houses together, she sent us comps, and she was honest about what we could afford and why. We found our dream home through Patty, and she worked tirelessly with the selling agent to get our offer accepted! The closing process was unconventional, as we were out of the country on a previously planned vacation. She worked through Docusign, email, message, and all the means necessary to make sure the paperwork was right.

All of the things listed above helped us find our dream home, but what I really loved about Patty is her point of view on real estate. She talks about the “modicum of charm” and knows which houses will withstand a down market. Patty is the best, I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a home in the East bay!

Rachel K.

“Everything you want in a real estate broker.”

Patty is everything you would want in a Real Estate Broker Associate: knowledgeable about the area, professional, honest, positive, and passionate.

She’s a tireless and tenacious advocate, and enjoys searching with you for that home with, “a modicum of charm.”

In addition, she has developed an extensive network of agents, brokers, and contractors. Highly recommended!

Wendy G.